ideas that we are currently exploring are:

Intuitive Awareness - How to achieve a greater understanding of the ‘intuitive or ‘spiritual’ - what we might call ‘higher consciousness’. In particular an understanding how the wisdom available from this source is applicable to everyday working life situations.

Intuitively inspired scientists, academics and professionals - Exploring whether there is value for them in membership of an organisation able to provide active support in the way of finance and resources for promoting the inspired ideas in which they are particularly interested.

Business people, politicians and financiers - Exploring whether they could be interested in supporting holistic projects of perceived real value. Exploring how their skills and experience might best be made available to support such projects.

A Central Organisation  - Looking at the merits of an organisation able to provide a coordinated and coherent service in the way of advice and support to politicians and decision-makers based upon the services of intuitively inspired academics, How to make such an organisation, efficient and acceptable both to the conventional world and the intuitively inspired.

Intuitively Inspired Organisations -Talking to managers of existing organisations of this nature, to see what additional resources would help them to expand their work and make it sustainable.

Provide facilities to train people in the above and encourage people so trained to train others.:

This is something we are looking at as we talk to the above