In this ection we  look at individual health and how it can be enhanced by access to the wisdom. 

In our drawdown pages we will look at the following

Health 2 - Current state of heath in UK

Health 3 - Personal Healing

We have said in the objectives of our parent web site - -  that we are setting out to help the growth of a greater awareness of the individual's ability to maintain their own health.

Why has such a need arisen ?

We are back with one of the main causes of our current problems - the growing paradigm of materialism and the worship of science as our new religion.

We have developed a splendid health service - but have come to believe that everything can be healed by a medication or surgical process. We have lost the Wisdom of the ages that held that the mind has the ability to affect material reality - not least on the body in self.

This may be an ageless concept - but it is as valid today as it has ever been.

Consciousness, as something other than the creation of the physical brain, is not fully understood by contemporary medical science - but again it is nonetheless a reality - but not one that can be physically measured and hence not one that responds to the conventional scientific approach.

Many of the ailments affecting the physical body can be controlled by the mind - although not all.  There is a real need for the wonders of modern medicine, but these can be complemented by the individual's own maintenance of the body. This where ability will enable many of the more moderate ailments to be healed by the individual and hence relieve the burden on local surgeries and hospitals.

 In this section we look at ideas of how the individual can help looking after their own physical well-being - and also mental well-being leading to contentment and happiness