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Savaric Whiting Ltd - the objectives of this company are:

To work through our own web sites and with others to:

  • Research solutions to current social and global problems
  • Provide facilities to train people in all aspects of the above
  • Encourage people so trained to train others.

In this website we look at specific projects, that we have worked with in the past and with which we are currently working.  This is essentially an outline of what is involved - hopefully may spark off some interest in others

We are currently building this site and have these Pages

Problems  - where we define the global problems that we are addressing

Solutions - Where we look at general methods that might be used to address and solve these problems

Active - we look at projects with which we are activel involved

We look at potential projects where we exploring possible  new active projects 

Health - aspects of Health

Climate - aspects of Climate Change

Potential - other possible projects

If you are interested in the subjects we are exploring, 

we would like to hear from you 

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